Sports accessories and gadgets - why do we love them?

In the world of physical activities, there’s something for everyone.  But why do we love accessorizing our workouts so much?

Working out can be frustrating.

It’s not just about the things you do – it’s also about how you feel. Results aren’t that quick to come, and you get annoyed about the lack of visible changes. You make a mistake, push yourself too hard, the suffer pain for days after. Otherwise, you do too little and feel like you wasted time.

At CLARA, we’re a mixed group when it comes to classical fitness. Some of us play amateur sports, some of us go to the gym, some are bike-only... We even vary on our opinions on where sports fit into our lives, since some are commuters and some are dedicated exercise-buffs. But all of us agree on one thing: it’s way more fun to be active if something is giving you incentive. 

Setting a finish line for your jog is an example. It’s a simple thing, but it gives you a way to measure your efforts – how long it takes you to finish, how far you went... The next time you jog, you will be comparing yourself to the last time, and that will give you a nice frame of reference.

Not everything is meant to be measured, though. There are activities that don’t care about time or distance. Yoga, for example, needs you to actively understand your body, and it’s best if you practice in a learning environment before you decide to take on the lifestyle on your own.

Balance on the beach - sometimes the exercise is its own accessory


Balance on the beach - sometimes the exercise is its own accessory

So what to do to spice up your frustrating, annoying workout if you don’t care about or cannot measure the results?

Simple. Add some accessories!

Even small things, like colorful towels or glitter-water bottles can serve as a boost to your enthusiasm. Think about all that equipment in a gym – even if you never use it, the sight of it makes you feel more “fit”. Hiking backpacks with a nice design and a fun hidden pocket? Yes, you are suddenly the master of the mountain. A skull-patterned ski mask? You are the embodiment of fear and nothing is swifter.

Imagination matters. What we see ourselves as in our minds is directly responsible in how we act in real life. If these accessories and gadgets improve our overall health (mental and physical), why not use them?

Working out in a gym is a visual exercise as much as a physical one


Working out in a gym is a visual exercise as much as a physical one

There are those that believe that working out is enough. Kudos to them, we say. However, there are many more that need the little assistants in the form of cute socks and smart watches. They should have the opportunity to enjoy these things without shame. We know we do!

The CLARA vest is one of our incentive-giving accessories. It’s useful and stylish, but it also boosts your confidence when out and about in hard-to-see situations. Feeling visible, you automatically feel more confident. No worries about whether a pedestrian will accidentally jump out in front of you. No turning back to check if the cars behind you are clear on your chosen direction.

You jog, you run, you ride – and that’s it. A simple solution, but it can mean a lot.

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