How to be Happy

Happiness isn't just something you should be – it's a key point in your mental and physical health.

Happiness is defined as a feeling of pleasure or contentment. It's a goal for many people, whether for medical, religious,philosophical or other reasons. However, happiness isn't just something that you can turn on.

If you are honest about your wish to be happy, experts recommend influencing your outlook. This often means changing the overall health of your mind and body, which may include unexpected results.

At CLARA, the happiness of our team is one of our main concerns. We try to keep an open flow of conversation in the office, encouraging each other to share our opinions and discuss issues before they become problems. This is one of the ways you can pave your road to happiness – creating a safe space with the people you spend your days with, supporting each other and making sure nobody feels alone or unwanted.

Another practice is to engage in physical activity. Moving around, even if it's as simple as taking a flight of stairs instead of an escalator, can help increase your energy, decrease stress and anxiety and MAKE YOU SMARTER. That's right – exercise prompts the brain to create new cells that help you learn.

We won't get into the details of the upsides of exercise – we talked about it before, and we're planning on a more focused text about it in a couple of weeks.

It's enough to say that yes, your overall body situation does affect how you feel emotionally. Therefore, we are certain that our daily cycling sessions are a way to happiness, and we appreciate our bikes even more.

Happiness is also something you can sometimes cause by force of will. Training yourself to be positive and optimistic can work if all the puzzle-pieces fit together – like conditioning a puppy to bark when you show it a photo of he postman. Don't go too far: if you force yourself too much, you'll just end up feeling dishonest with yourself and that will wreck any good mood.

A bike bell can make you happy - CLARA blog

A way to prompt yourself to be happy can be as simple as a panda-shaped bicycle bell.

There are many people that call themselves happy. If you don't believe that, just take a look at the World Happiness Report! A collection of pure numbers, measuring levels of happiness world-wide. We are proud to say that our country of Switzerland has ranked among the top 5 happiest countries in the world for a number of years. CLARA is a happy company, so we are definitely in the right place.

In the four most recent reports Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and now Finland have held the number 1 spot. It's interesting to note that all of these countries have a very high number of cyclists. As a matter of bicycle infrastructure, they are ranked among the top in the world.

It is human nature to need to feel safe, both physically and mentally. Our team has found that the CLARA vest helps us feel safe; causing us to worry less and stress less, and taking away some of the negativity associated with urban cycling.

We wish you all the happiness in the world!

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