Famous bikes with famous riders

Bikes are a huge part of society world-wide, and their popularity has been rising during recent years.

At CLARA, we are fans of all bikes. However, it's still cool to see some of our favorite celebrities with their two-wheeled friends! 

Cycling is a trend that won't be going away any time soon. From commuters to recreational cyclists, people are getting more and more buzzed about all the options cycling provides - and all the useful additions it brings along. Soon enough, one of those will be our CLARA vest!

In the meantime, you can check out the bikes ridden by some celebrities. Who knows, maybe you'll spot a cool model that inspires you.

Doyle and Wife on tandem bike - CLARA blog

Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife on an early tandem bike

Arthur Conan Doyle is most famous for creating the most famous literary detective of all times - Sherlock Holmes. However, he was a dedicated family man, and this photo of him and his wife proves it!


Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was an actress, model and dancer, active during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She's ona bike in this photo - but a more famous two-wheeler from her career is the yellow Vespa she rode in The Roman Holiday.

Audrey Hepburn riding her bike - CLARA blog
David Beckham with bike - CLARA blog

David Beckham walking his bike

Football (soccer) star and husband of Victoria (former Spice Girl), David Beckham is a huge fan of transportation. He has a collection of cars, but we prefer this chic bike.


hemingway with bike - CLARA blog

Ernest Hemingway with his bike – in peace and war

Hemingway's name is well-known all over the world. He wrote books like The Old Man and the Sea, he was politically and socially active... And he was a dedicated cyclist!


Harrison Ford, all geared up

He is Indiana Jones and Han Solo - and he knows the importance of safety. You should always wear a helmet, just in case you get attacked by giant stones or aliens.

harrison ford with helmet - CLARA blog


Jennifer Lopez striking a pose

Singer, actress, producer... J.Lo has been around for almost 3 decades, and she takes care of herself EXTREMELY well. For health or style, we can rely on her!


Jim Carrey, smiling and serious

There are very few people that haven't seen this amazing man on screen. His colorful persona is not just for show - but he can still pick a very stylish classic bike to ride on.

jim carrey on bike - CLARA Blog
Leonardo DiCaprio sharing a bike - CLARA blog

Leonardo DiCaprio, happy to share

Leo's career as an actor and producer is filled with hits. Despite being an Oscar-winning celebrity, he is happy to rent a bike when necessary - a wonderful example to us all!


Robert Downey Jr. doesn't mind danger

Playing a role like Iron Man must make you feel invincible - but Robert definitely looks certain in his reflexes. We don't recommend these acrobatics for everyday use, though.



Just so we're clear, we haven't taken any of these photos. You can find them and MANY more incredible celebrity pics on WeLoveCycling, Pintrest and The Atlantic. We also support you if you decide to become famous and take your own photos - if you do, it would be a great idea to also have a cool CLARA vest to go with your cycling persona. Sign up - you might win one

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