Electric bike, electric life!

They put a spark in your cycle, but what are they good for?

There’s a lot you might know about electric bikes. You may choose to call them booster bikes, or e-bikes, or power bikes, and you may love them or hate them. One thing you can’t do – ignore them.

As a wearable technology aimed primarily at cyclists, CLARA is a big supporter of all things innovative. We are happy to implement and test out any kind of gadget that helps make our rides more fun, safe and diverse. However, electric bicycles are far from being a “new fad”. In fact, electric bicycles first started popping up in the 1890’s!

We won’t dwell on that – it’s more interesting to see where they are today, and why.

Growing steadily since the late 1990’s, the number of e-bikes in the world passed 200 Million in 2016 and is growing still. While legislation may not treat them equally everywhere, you can’t deny that they’re a global phenomenon.

Electric bicycles can make you faster, which raises a lot of safety concerns. CLARA is more than happy to be an option for increasing road safety at any opportunity, and e-bike users may need exactly what we offer.

It’s not uncommon to make assumptions about cyclists – how fast they can go, which way. With e-bikes, a lot of the cycling difficulties (like going uphill, or carrying a heavy load) are removed, and the cyclist becomes just a bit more unpredictable. Wouldn’t it be easier if they were at least visible?

 Visibility isn't high during the night - especially if you're moving faster than average - CLARA blog

Cyclists often have to sacrifice speed for the sake of safety

While most electric bicycles are being produced by China, their prices can vary depending on their overall power, appearance, brand and quality. They may be an investment short-term, but the overall savings make up for it! Also – their environmental impact is barely larger than that of a regular bicycle.

If finances and environment aren’t really your deciding factory – just think of the versatility of a bicycle that has energy when you may run out.

Commuting is made easy with an e-bike, giving you a boost around town and still letting you avoid the nightmare of urban parking.

Casual cyclists will have double incentive to push their limits – with a battery, you won’t be stranded far from home.

Adrenaline junkies will soon have the option of racing their e-babies. The UEC said so.

We’re not selling you the electric bicycle. However, if you like things that have batteries and make your rides easier, we definitely have a product for you!

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