Bike fashion for the curious

No matter how old, new, sporty or classic your bike is, there is always a way to personalize it and make it your own.

Like with everything else, your level of commitment to your bike is not set in stone. For those of us that use our two-wheeled friend on a regular basis, that bike is a statement and a symbol. We match our outfits to our planned rides. We have commute-friendly shoes in our attaché-case. Our friends point at our bike on the street and say “Oh, I see CLARA is having dinner at the square tonight”.

We are ready to clean, polish and fix anything at any time. It can be hard, with the amount of details some bikes have. There have been countless times when chains needed to be oiled just before an important meeting, or a pedal needed to be tightened just as we left our houses. But it’s all worth it for the joy and usefulness of the ride itself.

Of course, just fixing it and cleaning it often isn’t enough. A bicycle bell, our CLARA vests, a cool helmet – none of these things are strictly required, but we love having them.

What else do we love? ACCESSORIES.

Not just for ourselves. Not just water-bottles or smart-watches or headbands.

For our bikes!

An example of a bike accessory that goes ALL THE WAY - the bikeosaur

You may not want to go bikeosaur, but it's not out of the question

There are so many “pimp-my-ride” blogs, channels, videos and Pintrest boards. Sometimes it seems there isn’t anything you can’t do with a hot-glue gun, glitter, some plastic flowers and spray paint. We’ve seen rainbow wheels, wicker baskets, potted plants instead of bottle-holders, rear-view mirrors that doubled as phone-docks, pull-out wine tables (very useful for picnics), doggy seats... In short, there are many ways to make your bike more than just a transportation device, and to give it more utility.

However, not everybody is good with their hands. One of our team once accidentally glued her hair to a table. It’s still there, and it isn’t pretty.

Luckily, there are good people all around the world offering all kinds of cool products that can glam up your cycling. We’d love to think we’re among them -although our CLARA vest isn’t available at the moment, we are mere days away from our Kickstarter campaign. Soon, you will be able to put some flashion in your fashion and light your way into safety and style.

True, a CLARA vest isn’t a strictly bike-related accessory. We’ve made sure to mention it before – visibility is an issue for all traffic participants, from joggers to dog-walkers, and we would hate to exclude them from the CLARA party. However, there are many gadgets intended to increase the visibility of the bike as well!

LED lights on bike wheel rims - visibility worthyof CLARA

Where there's a wheel, there's a way

From phosphorescent paint to LED wheel-lights, bike visibility is a growing trend. You can get these things online and apply them yourself or find yourself somebody that won’t include any body parts in the application (including hair).

Whatever you decide to do, there’s a way. We believe in you, your bike believes in you, and your accessories await.

The CLARA Kickstarter campaign is about to start...
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