Appearance matters: events and why to attend them

When it comes to representing an organization or a company, it doesn’t just matter that you show up - you also need to know why you’re there!

Last Monday, the CLARA team had the enormous pleasure of attending and participating in the Fashion Innovation Week, an event organized in our home city of Lugano (Switzerland) by our friends at NetComm Suisse.

Netcomm Suisse / Ground floor of the Fashion Innovation Week at LAC Lugano

The entire event was dedicated to innovation in the fields of overlapping fashion and technology, culminating in a closing day that united the best of both fields. Investors, startups, fashiontech experts… All walking the same hallways, shaking hands with eager entrepreneurs, witnessing future being created.

It sounds a bit like a fairy-tale, we know. However, it’s events like these that can make or break a company, no matter what their product is. And that is why it is so important to know what to do when you get the chance to attend.

We know a lot about city bicycling, and we've made sure to keep informed about the world of wearable technology- especially when it comes to sports. But how to keep on top of everything else that's important to CLARA?

Since the day CLARA was founded, we have proudly participated in many kinds of competitions, conferences, meetups, presentations, shows, interviews and networking parties. Each and every one of them has helped us our way to success: whether by introducing us to a potential investor, opening up a new outlook, helping us grow our team or by providing us with friends and supporters that are the inspiration of our work.

Additional reason? Our vest looks much cooler in person.

CLARA at Lugano Fashion Innovation Week / as seen from above

Trying to capture all of CLARA with a camera is very hard

You see, with a product like CLARA, it’s a little difficult to show the true beauty, usefulness and value with photos or videos. Even descriptions can’t handle the full weight of the task; until you are actually wearing the vest and clicking the button, you don’t know what you’re getting.

With this in mind, we made sure that our presence at the Fashion Innovation Week gave people a lot of opportunities to experience CLARA in real life. The fact that a crowd of over a thousand attended the closing day means that at least that number now knows EXACTLY what CLARA is. The technology was there, the quality and fashion easily examined. 

We were very lucky. This event gathered the best of the industry, sparking collaboration, cooperation and innovation in all the attendees. Not all events are like this - a company needs to learn how to choose the right ones to attend to further their goals. It’s hard to be known if you lock yourself away and never interact with others. 

Be visible! It will open so many doors.

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