the turn signal vest for cyclists and runners

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Wireless remote

Activate all the lights of CLARA Vest wirelessly from the handlebar of the bike. Wireless activations: turn signal (right/left), solid and flash mode.

Vest Device

Activate solid and flash mode directly from your CLARA Vest. This feature let runner, joggers, and any pedestrian be visible in the darkness.

The ultra bright lighting system

Visibility made for everyone

Be visible from hundreds of meters and easily spotted from every angle, especially in poor light conditions through the integrated LEDs in the back and the front of CLARA vest. Switch between solid and strobe mode by pressing the button directly placed onto the vest – extremely useful not only for cyclists but also for runners, joggers, road emergencies, and any situation where visibility is paramount.

Turn signals

Indicate your turns to other road users

Show your intentions to other road users by activating the indicators embedded in CLARA vest. With the small and detachable wireless remote placed on the handlebar of the bike, you can easily activate the turn signals by pressing the right or left button. The device allows also to activate solid and strobe mode for being visible in any situation.

Versatile & Packable

Just throw it in your backpack when you don’t need it

CLARA vest has been conceived to be as packable as possible. You can bring it with you in your backpack when you don’t wear it. CLARA vest is a very adaptable clothing that can be worn over anything (from a summer t-shirt to a winter coat). There are three adjustable sizes (little, medium, strong): if one buys the L it adjusts to M and XL.

Weatherproof & Resistant

Rain has never been a problem

The LED lights, hidden into the vest, are covered by a high-performance resin, making them extremely shock resistant and guaranteeing an excellent protection from water and dust at the same time.


The technology elegantly disappears under the high quality fabrics

Safety is paramount, but design is very important too. The vest has been designed by renowned fashion designers from Milan in Italy, who focused on making this clothing light and flexible but fashionable at the same time. When the vest is switched off, the technology disappears.


Enhanced visibility through reflective fabrics

Use the light from the others to make yourself the most visible as possible. Carefully placed reflective bands will enhance your presence in the road without wasting any battery energy.

Rechargeable battery

There is no need to charge every day

The Vest can be charged in 2 hours with the included micro-USB cable. The lights last 8 hours in solid mode and 16 hours in strobe mode.

Awards & Competitions